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CALL FOR PAPERS???? #()%+,#,*#%+?? (' *' *()*,#+??*(++#'!??'?? ))%#,#('+?? ????  ????  ??????  ??   ????   ??0??1 ??'#++'??,,%??(,%,,%??+"#'!,('?? ??The SPE 2012 Bioplastic Materials Conference will feature groundbreaking talks by leading bioplasticsresearchers in industry and academia. World-renowned experts will present technical papers on innova-tions of bioplastics, including the development, processing, properties, and testing of new resins andblends, with special emphasis on industrial applications. The diversity of the attendees makes this con-ference a premier forum for presenting new developments in bioplastics. We invite all technical and business leaders in bioplastics to give an oral presentation. Please considercontributing an original paper on technical or business aspects of your recent significant developments inbioplastics. The submitted papers will be carefully reviewed. Along with paper quality, the criteria for theselection of papers are the originality and significance of the development for the bioplastics industry. &*???? Abstract submission deadline&*???? Notification of accepted papers to all authors*-*0???? Paper submission deadline )*#%???? ??Final update of the paper(??+-&#,??'??+,*,??.#??&#%??(*??&#% ??'??,"??,#,%??+,*,????/(*??&#'#&-&'&+??'??(',,??#' (*&,#('??( ??,"??)*#'#)%??'??+('*0??-,"(*+??,( %.#'????$&(,(??"Cereplast, Inc2213 Killion AveSeymour, IN 47274e-mail:

40| PLASTICS ENGINEERING | OCTOBER 2011 | Research and Markets Ltd.,Dublin, Ireland, has released theHandbook of UV Degradation andStabilization - First Edition.The pub-lisher says that this book is the firstmonograph fully devoted to UVdegradation and stabilization everpublished in English. The contentsinclude a review of the existing litera-ture; photophysics; potentially usefulstabilization methods; information onavailable UV stabilizers; the stabilityof UV stabilizers themselves; princi-ples of stabilizer selection; informa-tion on degradation and stabilizationof different polymers and rubbers;the final products that use the major-ity of UV stabilizers; specific qualitiesof UV stabilizers that may affect for-mulation because of interaction withother formulation components; theanalytical methods most frequentlyused in UV stabilization; and theeffects of UV stabilizers on the healthand safety of workers involved intheir processing and of the membersof the public using the AGY, Aiken, South Carolina, USA,has reported that its S-2 Glass®fibers have been chosen as a key basematerial for providing both structuraland ballistic protection in the newOcelot Light Protected Patrol Vehicle(LPPV) developed by ForceProtection Europe Ltd. (FPE).Designed to meet the LPPV programrequirements of the UK Ministry ofDefence (MoD), the Ocelot provides"unprecedented levels of blast protec-tion for a vehicle its size," AGY says.Developer FPE has been contractedby the UK MoD for the productionof the Ocelot and has received an ini-tial order for 200 vehicles to begindelivery in 2011 for deployment inthe most hostile of operational envi-ronments.According to Drew Walker, vicepresident of sales and marketing atAGY, "The MoD's LPPV vehicle pro-gram requires a significant level ofarmoring to protect against ballistic,mine, and roadside bomb threats,and this is achieved in part throughthe use of our S-2 Glass reinforcingfibers. S-2 Glass fibers are a high-per-formance fiber glass offering signifi-cant improvements in performanceover traditional E-glass fibers. Thecomposite can be built to providestructure and has the ability to han-dle the mechanical aspects of anadvanced vehicle design. In this par-ticular case, it also offers significantprotection for both blast and ballistictesting at weights much lower thantraditional metallic materials."Walker adds, "The whole crewcompartment is manufactured of theS-2 Glass composite. This compositeprotection pod dampens and absorbsincoming blast waves much betterthan metallic crew compartments." NuSil Technology LLC,Carpinteria, California, USA, a man-ufacturer of silicone materials for theaerospace, aircraft, and automotiveindustries, has introduced FS-3511, atwo-part, translucent fluorosiliconeelastomer that "cures rapidly withheat and provides minimal shrink-age," the company says, adding:"This elastomer is specially formulat-ed for high-quality molded compo-nents that are exposed to aviationfuels such as JP-8, chemicals, and sol-vents. Typical applications include O-rings; gaskets; seals; and precision-molded parts for the automotive,aerospace, sensor, and oil industries.In addition, FS-3511 is ideal forapplications in which vibrationdampening and shock absorbency[are] required."The company says that FS-3511 iswell suited for applications requiringa medium-durometer silicone thatcan resist water-vapor permeation. "Itis stable in harsh thermal environ-ments of up to 275°C and offers sta-bility during thermal cycling."Further, NuSil says, "FS-3511 hasexcellent mechanical properties with atypical tensile strength of 850 psi (5.9MPa), elongation of 240%, and tearstrength of 40 ppi (7.1 kN/m). It alsoprovides excellent unprimed adhesionto various components used in theautomotive and aerospace industries.FS-3511 can be customized to matchFederal Color Standards, as well asPantone Matching System (PMS)colors."; . Nanoflex, Inc.(Fort Lauderdale,Florida, USA) has patented and pro-duces and sells horseshoes made froma special polyurethane polymer soldby Alliance Polymers & ServicesLLC (APS),North America's largestdistributor and technical resource ofBASF's Elastollan brand of thermo-industryNEWS and NOTESCONTINUEDOcelot LPPV.