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38| PLASTICS ENGINEERING | OCTOBER 2011 | www.4spe.orgtent performance, PerkinElmer'sClarus SQ 8 is the most advancedinstrumentation of its type currentlyavailable." Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH(Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) hasannounced that it has received fromthe U.S. Food & DrugAdministration (FDA) an unrestrict-ed Non-Objection Letter (NOL) forfood packaging products of all types(classes C-G) for its extrusion pro-cess. The company says that theNOL allows the MRS extruder, itsdevolatilizing system, and the RotaryMelt Filtrations System to process upto 100% unwashed PET bottle flakesfor food-contact containers. "This isachieved," Gneuss says, "without theneed for any treatment of the materi-al before or after it is processed onthe extruder (no drying, no dryingunder vacuum, no crystallizing etc.)."Further, "the formidable devolatiliz-ingperformance of the MRS extruder. is achieved by means of anextremely large polymer melt surfacearea in the multiple rotation sectionof the extruder, together with a rapidmelt exchange and optimizedventing. . The MRS extruderpermits the production of high-quality products with low energycosts and with minimized main-tenance and operator attention." Bosch Packaging Technologyhas announced that it hasexpanded its portfolio of hori-zontal form, fill, and sealmachines with its new Pack 301LD (Long Dwell) flow wrapper.Bosch says, "The machine'srevolving (long-dwell) sealing systemallows for longer sealing times com-pared with traditional rotary cuttingheads, which results in airtight sealedseams. Applicable for a great varietyof products, the Pack 301 LD is par-ticularly ideal for fresh, perishablegoods where Modified AtmospherePackaging (MAP) is request-ed. Also, products packed inthick film such as medicalgoods can be easily realized."The company adds: "With asealing time of up to one sec-ond, the flow wrapper pro-vides a longer sealing timeand provides hermeticallysealed seams while ensuringequally high productivity.Thanks to continuous seal-ing, the Pack 301 LD is ableto produce 150 packages perminute. Seal quality is fur-ther ensured through a fea-ture that allows temperatureto be independently con-trolled on both the top andbottom sealing jaws."To allow for simplified mainte-nance and maximum uptime, thePack 301 LD has been designedbased on the principle of TotalProductive Maintenance (TPM). Themachine has been reduced to a mini-mum number of parts and is highlyoperator friendly. Operators, forinstance, can change and clean kniveswithout tools and easily exchange thetransport belt at the cutting head forrapid cleaning. Format changes andcleaning of crimpers are further sim-plified by easy jaw alignment." The Eastman Chemical Company,Kingsport, Tennessee, USA, hasannounced that it has received U.S.Food & Drug Administration (FDA)expanded food contact clearance forits Eastman 168 non-phthalate plasti-cizer. "Food Contact Notification(FCN) 1056 permits the use ofEastman 168 to be used in contactwith all food types at levels up to 55percent by weight of the finishedplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC)formulations for repeated use arti-cles."The company says that Eastman168 has "more than 30 years of safeuse in sensitive applications such asfood contact, toys and childcare arti-cles, and medical devices. It also has along and growing track record of reg-ulatory clearances and comes backedby a clean and comprehensive toxico-logical profile." and NOTESCONTINUEDGneuss MRS Extruder.Bosch Pack 301 LD.

CALL FOR PAPERS???? #()%+,#,*#%+?? (' *' *()*,#+??*(++#'!??'?? ))%#,#('+?? ????  ????  ??????  ??   ????   ??0??1 ??'#++'??,,%??(,%,,%??+"#'!,('?? ??The SPE 2012 Bioplastic Materials Conference will feature groundbreaking talks by leading bioplasticsresearchers in industry and academia. World-renowned experts will present technical papers on innova-tions of bioplastics, including the development, processing, properties, and testing of new resins andblends, with special emphasis on industrial applications. The diversity of the attendees makes this con-ference a premier forum for presenting new developments in bioplastics. We invite all technical and business leaders in bioplastics to give an oral presentation. Please considercontributing an original paper on technical or business aspects of your recent significant developments inbioplastics. The submitted papers will be carefully reviewed. Along with paper quality, the criteria for theselection of papers are the originality and significance of the development for the bioplastics industry. &*???? Abstract submission deadline&*???? Notification of accepted papers to all authors*-*0???? Paper submission deadline )*#%???? ??Final update of the paper(??+-&#,??'??+,*,??.#??&#%??(*??&#% ??'??,"??,#,%??+,*,????/(*??&#'#&-&'&+??'??(',,??#' (*&,#('??( ??,"??)*#'#)%??'??+('*0??-,"(*+??,( %.#'????$&(,(??"Cereplast, Inc2213 Killion AveSeymour, IN 47274e-mail: