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partners including Alta Devices, Inc.;DR Horton, Inc.; Purdue University;Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.;Phobos Energy; Emerson NetworkPower; The Center for Advanced LifeCycle Engineering; ConSol; NationalRenewable Energy Laboratory; TheNational Roofing ContractorsAssociation; and Oak Ridge NationalLaboratory in order to achieve theobjectives of the proposed project.Dow partnered with these groups toform a breakthrough approach tomeeting the challenge of drivingdown the total cost of solar AccuRatehas opened itsrenovated test center in Whitewater,Wisconsin, USA. The company says,"The newly remodeled facility isequipped with all the necessary fea-tures for testing customers' dry bulksolid materials in volumetric, gravi-metric, vibratory, and sanitary feed-ing configurations. Additionally, bulkbag discharging and pneumatic con-veying systems can be tested."New additions to the test center,Schenck AccuRate reports, include anisolated testing cell for dusty andpoor-flowing powders, customeroffices with internet accessibility, anda specially designed room for viewingmaterial Accurate has alsoannounced the appointment ofDynamic Bulk Systems, Inc., as itsexclusive representative in EasternMissouri and Central/SouthernIllinois. Dynamic Bulk Systems willhandle sales, application engineeringand after-sale support for SchenckAccuRate's full line of volumetric andgravimetric feeders, weighfeeders,mass flow meters, vibratory feeders,bulk bag discharging systems, beltscales, container loading systems, andrelated control Evans Analytical Group, Inc.(EAG), Sunnyvale, California,USA-a provider of surface analysisand materials-characterization ser-vices, microelectronics "release to pro-duction," and electronic failure-analy-sis services-has acquired ChemirAnalytical Services and its | OCTOBER 2011 | PLASTICS ENGINEERING |35LOOKING AHEADNovember/December 2011 . January/February 2012NOVEMBER/DECEMBERCover Story:Additives AnnualAlso:CompoundingColor and ColorantFlame RetardantsJANUARY 2012Cover Story:Making fuel from polymer scrap.Markets: Materials, Recycling, Auto, Corporate investment, Film, Nanotechnology, Consumer Products Bonus distribution:SPE Polyolefins/Flexpackcon (Feb. 26, 2012); SPE Nanocomposites Conf. (Mar. 5, 2012)FEBRUARY2012Cover Story:ANTEC program and preview.Markets: Machinery (injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, automation), materials, research, testing, health care, additivesBonus distribution:SPE Polyolefins/Flexpackcon (Feb. 26, 2012); SPE Nanocomposites Conf. (Mar. 5, 2012)CorrectionIn the July/August 2011 issue ofPlastics Engineering,on page 16 inthe sidebar titled "Plastic Pipe," anerror occurred in a temperatureconversion. The sentence shouldread: "For gas pipelines, the insula-tion is designed to keep the naturalgas cold, below -162°C (-260°F),so that it exists as a liquid and thusalso flows easily through the pipe."

36| PLASTICS ENGINEERING | OCTOBER 2011 | www.4spe.orgCAS-MI Laboratoriesand CyantaAnalytical Services.Financial termsof the transaction were not disclosed.Chemir and CAS-MI will continueto operate under their current names,and Cyanta will be renamed EAGLife Sciences. All three laboratorieswill continue operations at theirrespective facilities: ChemirAnalytical Services in St. Louis,Missouri; CAS-MI Laboratories inYpsilanti, Michigan; and CyantaAnalytical Services, also in St. Louis,Missouri.EAG is majority owned by OdysseyInvestment Partners, LLC, a privateequity firm.;; Penn Color,a manufacturer ofcolor and additive concentrates head-quartered in Doylestown,Pennsylvania, USA, has opened anew masterbatch manufacturingfacility in Venray, The Netherlands.An original structure that manufac-tured Penn Color's water-based inkand coating products was expandedto roughly 70,000 square feet toinclude the manufacture of thermo-plastic color masterbatches. The sitewill produce color masterbatches forcompanies in the plastics industrythat primarily manufacture packag-ing for consumer food, householdchemicals, medical, and personalcare.The company says that the newplant was designed with an emphasison energy conservation. Accordingto Cees Roeleveld, managing direc-tor of Penn Color's NetherlandsOperation, "One of the most inno-vative methods being used is foundin the plant's heating system. Heatgenerated during the extrusion pro-cess is being used to heat both thenew and existing buildings.Normally, as the water in the coolingbaths heats up, energy is spent tocirculate this water through a heatexchanger in order to cool it backdown. In the new plant, this hotwater is circulated through the floorto provide heating for the officesand laboratory. Chilled water thenreturns to the water bath using verylittle energy, and will save up to 1.8million ft3of natural gas annually."Penn Color is a privately heldcompany with manufacturing facili-ties in the U.S., Europe, and India;sales offices in Asia; and 600 employ-ees worldwide.. The M&G Group,a producer ofPET for packaging applications, hasannounced that it will build a next-generation-technology PET plant inCorpus Christi, Texas, USA, co-located and fully integrated with anew PTA plant at the same site.Approximately 250 jobs will be cre-ated at the plants, and an additional700 indirect positions and 3000 jobsduring construction, the companysays.The PET single-line plant willhave a capacity of 1000 kt/yr(approximately 2.2 billion lbs/yr);the PTA unit will have a capacity of1200 kt/yr (approximately 2.6 billionlbs/yr), and will provide fullupstream integration for all ofM&G's U.S. PET capacity.Construction time for both plants isestimated to be 30 months.M&G Group is a family-ownedchemical engineering and manufac-turing group headquartered inTortona, Italy. M&G Group operatesin the PET resin industry through itswholly owned holding companyMossi & Ghisolfi International S.A.(M&G International). M&GInternational says that it is currentlythe largest producer of PET resin forpackaging applications in theAmericas, with a production capacityin 2010 of approximately 1.6 milliontons/yr.. PerkinElmer, Inc.,has launched itsClarusSQ 8 Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS), report-ing that the device provides extremesensitivity to analyze samples accu-rately, with an 800:1 signal-to-noisespecification. "This capability givesenvironmental and food testing labo-ratories the ability to detect lower lev-els of contaminantsand impurities,"the company says.The company says: "The ClarusSQ 8 GC/MS is the easiest GC/MSto maintain based upon an innovativeSMARTsource design, deliveringincreased productivity and consistent,reliable results. These new features arefurther complemented by the patent-ed GC oven, which has the fastestheat-up and cool-down times forshorter injection-to-injection andanalytical cycle times. The Clarus SQ8 GC/MS also significantly reducesbackground noise, in turn deliveringhigher levels of confidence inthe test-ing of foods for human consumption.With its sensitivity, accuracy, andlong-term stability for reliable, consis-industryNEWS and NOTESCONTINUEDPerkinElmer Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS.