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meeting report24euJuly/August 2017 | MicroscopyandAnalysisMeet us in St LouisThis year's M&M will be a celebration of historic anniversaries for MSA, MAS & IFES. The M&M 2017 meeting will be held August 6-10, 2017 at the America's Center, St. Louis, Missouri and will feature special anniversary events, which will include: • A Pre-Meeting Congress has been organized by the new MSA Student Council• There will be Anniversary lectures by pioneering figures in microscopy and microanalysis • A historical photo display and slide show capturing the history of the societies (read more on next page)In addition to the usual Monday morning plenary lectures during the opening session, M&M 2017 will also feature early morning plenary anniversary lectures on the other three days of the conference.The anniversary lectures will be hosted by the three sponsoring societies and presented by pioneering figures in microscopy and microanalysis. In order for these lectures to be featured with no competing programming, they have been scheduled at an early 7:30 am, however, there will complimentary coffee and a hand-held breakfast!• Tuesday morning features the anniversary lecture by Dale Newbury, entitled Microanalysis: What Is It, Where Did It Come From, and Where Is It Going? This talk is sponsored by the Microanalysis Society (MAS), which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary at M&M 2017. • John Panitz, the co-inventor of the atom probe field ion microscope will talk on Wednesday morning in a lecture entitled, Point-projection Microscopy, which is sponsored by the International Field Emission Society (IFES). This year the IFES is co-sponsoring M&M for the first time in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the invention of the atom probe. The MSA hope to have many more joint meetings with them.• Thursday morning will feature a lecture sponsored by MSA in the biological sciences by past Society President and pioneer in cryo-EM, Bob Glaeser on the Development of High-resolution TEM for Imaging Native, Radiation-sensitive Biomolecules.• The MSA will also be sponsoring a lunch-time lecture in the physical sciences by pioneer in aberration-corrected electron optics, Ondrej Krivanek, Smarter Than an iPhone: The Emergence of the Modern Microscope. As I mentioned, these anniversary lectures are in addition to the must-see Monday plenary lectures by Nobel Prize winner Eric Betzig, pictured left, pioneer in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, and will feature dynamic imaging from molecules to organisms.Additionally, LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) collaborator Keith Riles will present on the fundamental science and latest results of the LIGO group, which recently reported the third observation of gravitational waves from the collision of super-massive black holes. In addition to the above plenary talks, a Saturday Pre-Meeting Congress (PMC) has been organized by the new MSA Student Council for students, early career professionals, and the entire microscopy and microanalysis community. The PMC will also feature a career development session, contributed poster session for students and postdocs, a Friday evening reception and a Saturday evening banquet. Keynote presentations will be given by the Society's 2017 early career major award winners: Chris Russo (Burton Medalist), Sai Veeraraghavan (Palade Award) and Pinshane Huang (Crewe Award). Invited talks will be presented by M&M 2017 Student and Postdoctoral Scholars who will be honored at the meeting.I am sure you'll enjoy all of this special anniversary programming, in addition to the traditional outstanding array of scientific sessions, instrumentation demonstrations and exhibits, and opportunities to catch-up with old friends and meet new ones. In advance of what is shaping up to be a historic meeting Chris Parmenter throws the spotlight onto North America, ahead of what is sure to be a particularly special eventDaniel SchwenStephen Voss