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Optical Properties at the Nanoscale MonoCL 4T High Resolution Cathodoluminescence Imaging and Spectroscopy5 ?m1 ?m2 ?mANALYTICAL TEMDIGITAL IMAGINGSPECIMEN PREPARATIONTEM SPECIMEN HOLDERSSEM PRODUCTSSOFTWAREX-RAY MICROSCOPYwww.gatan.comTop left: Dislocations and growth zonation revealed in free standing GaN wafer by panchromatic imaging.Top right: Surface plasmon resonance modes along vertices and at apex of pyramid structures revealed using monochromatic imaging. Pyramids formed by 200nm Au film deposited on patterned substrate. Overlay of secondary electron image (grey) and, 650nm (green) and 750nm (red) monochromatic images. Bottom left: Irregularity in emission of GaAs nanowires.  In-lens secondary electron image overlaid with panchromatic CL image (green); images acquired simultaneously.Bottom right: Four AlGaN concentrations revealed in graded AlxGa1-xN on GaN film using spectrum-linescan of sample cross section. Blue shift in spectrum from 365 to 320nm associated with change in Al fraction. Spectra acquired at rate of 20 spectra/s.

Complement Confocal with Ultra Resolution3View®Serial Block Face Imaging in the SEMTop: A 3D reconstruction of a dendrite from a 15,625 ?m³ (25 x 25 x 25 ?m) volumetric data set containing 500 serial images of mouse cerebellum generated by Gatan 3View®. Dendrite structure (green), buttons (yellow), and vesicles (red). Bottom Left: Confocal image of a dendrite. Middle left: 3View® image showing wire frame traces. Middle right: Wire frame traces rendered into a volumetric model. Bottom right: Ultra resolution dendritic spine model with synapses. Sample courtesy of Tom Deerinck and Dr. Mark Ellisman, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research, University of California, San Diego. Serial images were segmented using Imaris to create a 3D model of a neuron of interest.Please visit us at the Society for Neuroscience 41st Annual Meeting and the 2011 American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting or TEMDIGITAL IMAGINGSPECIMEN PREPARATIONTEM SPECIMEN HOLDERSSEM PRODUCTSSOFTWAREX-RAY MICROSCOPYwww.gatan.comCIRCLE NO. 4 OR ONLINE: