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MICROSCOPY AND ANALYSIS NOVEMBER 201139WHAT'SNEWCIRCLENO. 36 ORONLINE: www.microscopy-analysis.comBruker has introduced the XFlash 5060 T, thelatest addition to the XFlash family of detec-tors for X-ray micro- and nanoanalysis (EDS) inelectron microscopy. The XFlash 5060 T is oneof two detectors available for use on (scan-ning) transmission electron microscopes. Pro-viding 60 mm² active area, it guarantees opti-mum solid angle for the analysis at low beamcurrents and of samples with low X-ray yield.The slender detector end cap and microscope-specific collimator design allow shortestdetector-sample distances and provide a hightake-off angle without requiring sample tilt. Compared to Si(Li) detectors, still commonly usedfor EDS on TEM, the XFlash 5060 T exhibits superiorspeed and drastically lower dead times, providing sig-nificant advantages in collection efficiency, even inlow count rate situations. Additionally, the XFlash5060 T can operate with good energy resolution atcount rates far beyond what any Si(Li) or even com-peting SDD can handle on TEM. The detector is fullyoperational at input count rates of up to 750,000 cps,a big advantage for low-mag high count rate STEMmapping. Also, there is no danger of 'locking up' thespectrometer for minutes when hitting a supportgrid.The superb sensitivity of the XFlash 5060 T allowsdetection of high energy radiation. In combinationwith high-end signal processing electronics andsophisticated software, reliable quantitative analysisof element peaks at 40 kV and above is possible.Large Area EDS Detector for S/TEMBruker's many years of experience in SDD and signalprocessing electronics design, have led to the out-standing energy resolution of the XFlash 5060 T atonly moderate cooling temperatures, enabling reli-able and efficient light element analysis of elementsdown to boron.The XFlash 5060 T, including electronics, is designedto cause minimum interference with all compatibletransmission electron microscopes, conventional oraberration-corrected. Light-weight and with passivecooling, this detector causes minimal strain on the col-umn and introduces no vibrations. The low tempera-ture gradient provides stable measurement condi-tions and the completely non-magnetic detectorhead minimizes beam shift, when moving the detec-tor in or out during TEM operation.Contact: Bruker Nano GmbH www.bruker-nano.comChemical Analysis in the S/TEMFEI, a leading instrumentation company providingelectron microscope systems for applications inresearch and industry, has announced the release ofits Titan G2 80-200 with ChemiSTEM technology, anew member of the Titan G2 series of S/TEM (scan-ning / transmission electron microscopes). "By combining the Titan platform's latest genera-tion of electron optics with the revolutionary analyt-ical sensitivity of ChemiSTEM Technology, we havecreated a microscope which can deliver atomic reso-lution elemental maps in minutes and adds new capa-bilities in addressing our customer's applications inmaterials science, chemistry and nanotechnology,"said Trisha Rice, vice president and general managerof FEI's Research Business Unit.Dr Paul Kotula of Sandia National Laboratories,said: "Our institute chose the FEI Titan G2 80-200 dueto its innovative combination of the latest in probe-correction technology and large solid-angle, win-dowless silicon-drift X-ray detectors (SDDs). We esti-GaAs Atomic EDX in the [110] crystal projection showing 1.4 Angstroms Ga-As dumbbells obtained with Titan G2 80-200 with ChemiSTEM technology. TheGaAs [110] dumbbell splitting of 0.14 nm is clearly resolved by chemical mapping using energy dispersive X-ray analysis with a Titan G2 80-200 with ChemiS-TEM technology and a probe Cs-corrector at 200 kV acceleration voltage, using a 200 pA probe current. On the right hand side the atomic structure of GaAsthe [110] projection is shown along with the grayscale HAADF-STEM image. This represents the highest resolution ever obtained in atomic elemental mappingby any technique using an S/TEM.mate that we willgain a factor of 50 to100 in terms of ana-lytical sensitivity,speed, and spatialresolution com-bined, over our exist-ing FEG analyticalelectron microscope.It is already clear thatatomic resolution X-ray microanalysis is not only possible but practicalwith this new microscope. Once the domain only ofelectron energy loss spectrometry, atomic resolutionmicroanalysis with x-rays gives us access to more ofthe periodic table and the possibility to use existingquantification methods to routinely analyze manymaterials at the highest resolution and sensitivityneeded." Contact: FEI ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Contact your nearest officeGermany +49 6103 300 980France +33 1 6449 6350South-East Europe +39 0425 460 218Switzerland +41 34 423 7070www.schaefer-tec.comSensofar Plu neox for research and industry???? Confocal and Interferometer modes in the same instrument???? Color CCD camera???? White and blue LED light sources???? Vertical resolution down to 0.01 nm???? Lateral resolution down to 140 nmWe also supplyAFMs for research, industry and teachingNano-/Micro- Indenter and Tribology Tester,Nanoparticle size measurement, LEED/AES

ADVERTISERS INDEXPageCompany NameReader EnqMICROSCOPY AND ANALYSIS 40NOVEMBER 2011For LM, SPM, EM, Bold entries are the standard types of instruments; other entries arethe modes in which they are used. Use this also for web page cross referencing.AND ANALYSISC00COMPOSITIONAL ANALYSIS­C02Calibration devices and standardsC03CathodoluminescenceC04Electron backscatter diffraction(EBSD)C05Electron beam induced current(EBIC)C06Electron diffraction, convergentbeam electron diffraction (ED,CBED)C07Electron energy loss spectroscopy,electron spectroscopic imaging(EELS, ESI)C08Energy and wavelengthdispersive X-ray spectroscopy(EDX, WDX)C09Mass spectrometry (MS, SIMS)C10X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence,X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XRD, XRF, XPS)D00DIGITAL IMAGING ANDANALYSISD01CCD camerasD02CMOS camerasD04Frame grabbersD05Image analysis hardwareD06Image analysis softwareD07Image archiving and reportingD09Image intensifiersD10Machine vision systemsD11MetrologyD12Particle countingD13Stereoscopic displayD14Video camerasD15Video processorsP00PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENTAND SUPPLIESP01Chemicals, film and paperF00SPECIMEN PREPARATIONEQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIESF01Coating unitsF02Critical point dryersF03Cryofixation and cryosubstitutiondevicesF05CryostatsF07Cutting, grinding, polishing andthinning devicesF08Cytochemical, immunochemicaland in-situ probesF09Electrolytic thinningF11Fixatives, stains and chemicalsF12Freeze drying equipmentF13Freeze etch and fracture unitsF14Glass/steel/diamond knivesF15Gold probesF16Grids F17Histology equipment and suppliesF18Ion beam etching and thinningF19Ion beam millingF20Ion beam sputter coatingF21KnifemakersF22MicrotomesF23Microwave processingF24Plasma cleaningF25Plasma etchingF26Reactive ion beam etchingF27Section stainersF28Tissue processorsF29UltramicrotomesF30VibratomesG00GENERAL MICROSCOPY EQUIPMENT,SUPPLIES AND SERVICESG01Anti-vibration systemsG04Image analysis serviceG05Maintenance contracts and servicingG06Microhardness and failure testingG07Thermal analysisG08TrainingG09Used equipmentG10Workshops for microscopistsH00SOCIETIESH01CONFERENCES, COURSES, ANDEXHIBITIONSH03RECRUITMENT SERVICESBUYER'S GUIDEwww. microscopy-analysis.comL00LIGHT MICROSCOPYL01Transmitted light microscopesL02Reflected light microscopesL03Stereomicroscopes L04AcousticL05Confocal L06Differential interference contrastL08Field and mobile microscopesL10Fluorescence lifetimeL11Fluorescence resonanceenergy transferL12Fluorescence spectroscopyL13High resolution imaging (4Pi, STED)L14InfraredL15InterferenceL16Modulation contrastL17MultiphotonL18Multispectral imaging L19Phase contrastL20PolarizationL21Profilometry and metrologyL22RamanL23Total internal reflection fluorescenceL24UltravioletL30LM ACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIESL31Autofocusing devicesL32Calibration devices and standardsL33CondensersL35Environmental chambersL36EyepiecesL37Filters, beamsplitters, polarizersL38Lamps, IlluminatorsL39Lasers, LEDsL40Micromanipulators andmicroinjectorsL41ObjectivesL42OpticsL43Scanning headsL44StagesL45StandsE00ELECTRON, ION AND X-RAYMICROSCOPESE01Transmission electron microscopesE02Scanning electron microscopesE03Ion beam microscopesE05X-ray microscopesE07Analytical TEME08Atom probesE09Auger microscopesE10Cryoelectron microscopesE11Dual beam microscopesE12Energy filtering TEME13Environmental and variablepressure SEME14Helium ion microscopesE15High and intermediate voltageelectron microscopesE17Low energy electron microscopesE18MicroprobesE19Nanofabrication,nanolithographyE21Secondary ion microscopesE22TomographyE23 X-ray microtomographyE30EM ACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIESE32Anti-contamination systemsE33Anti-vibration systemsE34Apertures and filamentsE35Calibration standardsE36Cryotransfer systemsE37Energy filtersE38Magnetic field cancellationE39Specimen holders for TEME40Spectrometers (EDX, WDX, EELS)E41Stages for SEME42Vacuum equipmentE44Plasma cleanersE45Anti-contaminatorsM00SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPESM01Scanning tunnelling microscopes M02Atomic force microscopes M03Nearfield scanning optical microscopesM04Specialized SPMsM05Dual mode (LM/SEM/TEM) SPMsM06SPM NanolithographyM10SPM ACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIESM11Calibration devices and standardsM12Cantilevers M13ScannersM14StagesM15TipsCIRCLENO. 37 ORONLINE: www.microscopy-analysis.comS2Agilent128Andor516APMC 2012835Applied Scientific Instrumentation325Asylum Research3S15Bruker GmbH1731Bruker GmbH2832Bruker Nano2930Cargille27S9E2V14S1FEI Company1128FEI Company2643FEI Company386Gatan425Herzan4035Hiden3314Hitachi Europe GmbH7S4Hitachi Europe GmbH613Jeol UK16S10Jeol UK16S9John Wiley & Sons Ltd.1524John Wiley & Sons Ltd.2440John Wiley & Sons Ltd.3738JPK Instruments3518Leica927Leica25S22Märzhäuser WetzlarGmbH20S31NT-MDT221Olympus Europa Holding GmbH12Olympus Europa Holding GmbH220Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH10S16Oxford Instruments1834Physik Instrumente3133Picoquant3037Prior Scientific3437Quorum Technologies4039Schaefer-Tec3644Skyscan39S18Thermo Scientific19S22XEI Scientific, Inc.21S32Carl Zeiss23